What we do to prevent the spread of the Covid-19

Thank you for visiting our website. Let us inform you our measures to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus among our guests and staff.

1. Staff

1. All the staff wear a face mask.

2. We have enough space between tables. We limit the maximum number of guests in our tea room.

3. We keep doors and windows open for ventilation.

4. We regularly sanitize things we often touch such as tables, menu books, cash trays and so on.

5. Our tea tasting corner and a book shelf is not available at the moment. (If you would like to taste our tea before purchasing, please feel free to ask us.)

Dear guests,

We ask all our guests who come to our shop to keep things written below in mind.

1. Please wear a face mask.

*We sell a mask at 50yen (tax excluded) to anyone who do not have one.

2. Please sanitize your fingers before entering the tea room.

3. Please refrain from coming in if you are not well (ex. fever, cough etc..)

4. Electronic menu is available. Please make use of it when you order.

5. We ask you to settle the payment per group in order to minimize the contact between our guest and staff.

Service we are offering now

Please be noted that we are NOT offering tea ceremony experience and tea workshops For the time being. We have cafe space and tea store available so please come and visit us on for a casual tea time.

In addition to that, we are not doing tea brewing demonstration. Thank you for your kind understandings.

If you have any worries or inquiries in regard to the measures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be always happy to answer. We do hope this unprecedented matter comes to the end soon and wish you stay safe and sound.