Chasanraku’s Shaved Ice


Taught by tea master Yasunari Oyama
Experience Japanese tea through shaved ice

We wanted to provide tea that could help people cool down after a long day of sightseeing and sweating under the strong sunlight of summer.
With the desire to provide “a cooling real tea experience” and the guidance of tea master Yasunari Oyama, we are able to offer you our authentic Japanese tea shaved ice. The tea used to make this shaved ice has been specially selected by Chasanraku and Mr Oyama.
Please enjoy our ‘Japanese tea shaved ice’ from which you can taste delicate flavors of teas produced by expert tea growers.

Hiroki Ikeda,
Store Manager, Chasanraku


Shaved ice menu

Matcha (powdered green tea) espuma shaved ice
Kamairicha (pan fried green tea) shaved ice
Matcha (powdered green tea) shaved ice
Hojicha (roasted green tea) shaved ice




Please note that shaved ice is limited to the summer season and only available between May and September



How to enjoy matcha espuma shaved ice

Espuma is a short-lived foam made of matcha (powdered green tea) served over shaved ice. It is most delicious when it is freshly served. If you’d like to take photos, please be quick!
1. First please enjoy the light foam texture and elegant umami (savory) taste of the matcha
2. Then try the sweet beans as a palate-cleansing side dish and add syrup to taste
3. The shaved ice is served in a matcha tea bowl. Finally, after the ice has melted you can enjoy drinking cold green tea.


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