Tea Time at Chasanraku


Japanese tea felt with five senses

At Chasanraku tea house, we aim to help our customers enjoy the tea carefully grown across Japan through all 5 senses. For that purpose, we take care to select only the highest quality of water and explore the perfect brewing method for each tea leaf. The staff who will welcome you are qualified Japanese tea sommeliers so please do not hesitate to ask for tips for enjoying delicious tea in your daily life. We are confident that you will find a cup of tea that suits your taste.

Hiroki Ikeda
Store Manager, Chasanraku


Tea Time

We offer rare tea from all over Japan.
Through our Japanese tea course, you can enjoy the pleasure of
tasting and comparing various types of tea.


Lunch menu

Japanese tea contains glutamic acid which is the same umami taste found in seaweed.
Made with our special combination of dashi (fish stock broth) and green tea, you can enjoy the aroma and umami savory taste of tea together with a variety of Kyoto style obanzai side dishes.

Meals to enjoy tea

Ochazuke (rice with tea) and side dishes 1600 yen (tax excluded)


Many of the teas we serve at our tea house can be purchased in store.
If you are looking for tea leaves or teaware souvenirs to remember your time in Arashiyama,
please do not hesitate to ask our staff.


Introduction of our tea farmers