Tea Time at Chasanraku

Japanese tea felt with five senses

At Chasanraku tea house, we aim to help our customers enjoy the tea carefully grown across Japan through all 5 senses. For that purpose, we take care to select only the highest quality of water and explore the perfect brewing method for each tea leaf. The staff who will welcome you are qualified Japanese tea sommeliers so please do not hesitate to ask for tips for enjoying delicious tea in your daily life. We are confident that you will find a cup of tea that suits your taste.

Hiroki Ikeda
Store Manager, Chasanraku

Experience Japanese Tea

We offer you an opportunity to experience
Japanese tea and culture.



If you order matcha, you can enjoy a bowl of tea that was made right in front of you by a tea ceremony host.

More about Japanese Tea


We can teach you how to make delicious cup of tea
by yourself.
Come and enjoy it!

More about Japanese Tea


When our staff prepare tea at your table, we will tell you about characteristics of the tea and how to brew it.

Tea & Sweets

We offer rare tea from all over Japan.
Enjoy tea with Japanese traditional confectioneries or house-made desserts.

Japanese tea

Matcha (powdered green tea) from 800yen
Gyokuro (premium green tea)
Sencha (steamed green tea) from 850yen
Kamairicha (pan-fired tea) from 600yen
Hojicha (roasted green tea) 750yen

Afternoon tea set

(powdered green tea) centric tea set
2,300 yen

Enjoy our highest quality matcha and 5 kinds of house-made matcha dessert


Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweet) and tea-flavored dessert
from 400 yen

Enjoy a relaxing tea time with sweets that go well with Japanese tea.

English menu not available now

Lunch menu


Steamed Seasonal Vegetables and Japanese Tea Set 1,350yen

In a bamboo steamer, we have prepared more than 15 kinds of seasonal food including local vegetables, steamed mochi with fish, chicken and tea leaves to eat.
The colorful vegetables are pleasure to the eye and of course are good for your health.
Enjoy the seasonal dishes with carefully prepared Japanese green tea.

(tax excluded)

English menu not available now

Introduction of our tea farmers

Mr Yuki(Minamiyamashiro, Dosenbou, Kyoto prefecture)
Grown utilizing the environment of severe temperature differences and using skilful tea growing technology, Mr Yuki produces tea with a delicate balance of aroma, umami savoriness and bitterness. You can feel the original and authentic taste of green tea.

Mr Kayashita(Yamazoe, Nara prefecture)
Mr Kayashita who produces tea while living almost completely self-sufficiently in the mountains, grows tea using the once almost lost Kumano method of sun dried tea. Grown without using pesticides or fertilizer, this tea dried in the sunlight gently nourishes the body.

Mr Shibamoto(Makinohara, Shizuoka prefecture)
Mr Shibamoto is a farmer who produces unique tea such as ‘cherry blossom tea’ and tea produced using natural goat farming methods. He always tries to research new ideas and aims to make tea that ‘sparks joy’.

Many of the teas we serve at our tea house can be purchased in store.
If you are looking for tea leaves or teaware souvenirs to remember your time in Arashiyama,
please do not hesitate to ask our staff.