Tea Ceremony Experience at Chasanraku

Why don’t you experience the traditional tea ceremony at Chasanraku?
Chasanraku is located in Arashiyama, Kyoto, the birthplace of Japanese tea and the culture.

Please choose from below.

Price List
Program Price(2-5 guests)** Duration Number of Guests
Tea Ceremony with Maiko-san 10,500yen(+Fee for maiko arrangement*) approx 80 minutes 2-5guests
Tea Ceremony+Matcha & Sweets Maiking Experience 10,500yen approx 120 minutes 2-5guests
Premium Tea Ceremony & Matcha Making Experience 8,500yen approx 90 minutes 2-5guests
Tea Ceremony & Matcha Making Experience 6,500yen approx 70 minutes 2-5guests
Tea Ceremony Experience 4,500yen approx 40 minutes 2-5guests
Matcha Making Experience 2,300yen approx 30 minutes 1-5guests

*60,000yen per group for maiko arrangement
**Please inquire if you are attending by yourself or a group of more than 6 people


Tea Ceremony and Matcha Making Experience

You will get a deeper understanding of Japanese tea ceremony and matcha through this program.

Tea Ceremony Experience in an Authentic Tea Room
A host will greet you with a traditional sweet and a bowl of matcha after a short introduction to the tea ceremony.
Matcha Making Experience
You will have an opportunity to learn how to whisk matcha properly.
Have a zen moment with the matcha you made.


・This program includes two bowls of matcha from different producers, traditional sweets and seasonal sweets.
・Time : Upon request (starting any time between 10:00-16:30)
・Duration : about 70 minutes
・Number of participant : 2-5
Please feel free to inquire for a group more than 6 people.
・Price : 6,500yen (including tax) *12,000yen for only one participant.
・Language : Japanese / English / Chinese (*Please inquire in advance)

Tea Ceremony and Matcha Making Experience- INQUIRY

Tea Ceremony Experience

Why don’t you drop by at Chasanraku for a memorable cultural experience after sightseeing in Arashiyama?

Introduction of Tea Ceremony
A host will explain the history and philosophy of the tea ceremony.
Tea Ceremony Experience
A host will greet you with traditional sweets and a bowl of matcha prepared carefully through the traditional procedure called “temae”.


・This program includes a bowl of matcha and seasonal sweets.
・Schedule : Upon request (starting any time between 10:00-17:00)
・Duration : about 40 minutes
・Number of participants : 2-5
・Price : 4,500yen (including tax) *8,000yen for only one participant.
・Language : Japanese / English / Chinese (*Please inquire in advance)

Tea Ceremony Experience- INQUIRY


Q Can children participate in the program?

A Yes. If you would like a full experience with a serving of matcha, the adult fee will be applied. But children under 12 can accompany their adult guardians without charge. If you are going to participate in the program with an accompanying child, please let us know in advance.

Q Do you accept complete beginners? Do you have a dress code?

A Of course. Our program is for people who have never tried tea ceremony before. There is no dress code. However, it may be better to avoid mini-skirt or shorts because you will have to sit directly on the floor. White socks are recommended but not necessary.

Q May I take photos or videos during the session.

A Please refrain from taking photos or videos in a tea room.
In this program, we would like our guests to focus on the tea ceremony and enjoy the experience.
You can take photos of the tea room after the program.
You can take photos and videos during the matcha making experience.

Q Do you have chairs in a tea room?

A The tea ceremony will be held in a tatami-matted room.
You will have to take off your shoes to enter the room and sit on a tatami mat. But for those who have difficulty in sitting directly on the floor,
we can prepare a low chair. We only have two chairs, so please let us know if you need it when you make a reservation.

Q Is it OK to wear perfume?

A Please refrain from wearing strong perfume so you can enjoy the subtle and elegant aroma of the tea itself.