Enrich your heart with tea

Tea ceremony is a form of art that represents the Japanese culture

This traditional culture has been fascinating people since the 16th century when the tea ceremony was perfected by a famous tea master, Sen no Rikyu.

Tea, which was once a rare and valuable product, was an offering to gods and deities. As times went by, people started to prepare tea when they welcome important guests.

In the tea ceremony, in order for guests to enjoy "a bowl of tea", we elaborate on everything from the preparation of the whole room to the meals and sweets to offer.

What is true happiness

The staff working at Chasanraku have various backgrounds, and some of us have experienced the world of the tea ceremony for the first time here.

Through lessons and by attending tea gatherings, we had opportunities to learn the teachings of Zen buddhism which is the fundamental thoughts of tea ceremony. That has lead us to reflect on ourselves and to think about what true happiness is.

For example, we use all five senses to taste tea and sweets. We appreciate the beautiful green color of matcha and the tea bowl. Enjoy its aroma, and taste it slowly.

Listening to the sound of pouring hot water and the sound of whisking tea.
Savoring a cup of tea will not only quench your thirst, but will also soothe your soul.

Trying to find subtle changes in your daily life

Japan is famous for having four distinctive seasons. What is more, people in the anticient times have divided the year into even shorter periods of time - 24 seasons.

Seasonal changes and traditional events tend to be overlooked in the modern life.

The joy of finding seasonal flowers and changes in the air and soil for example.
When you are conscious of the 24 seasons, you will notice the subtle changes in nature that repeat throughout the year, and feel simple pleasures in your daily life.

In today's society, where various things unfold at a dizzying speed and are flooded with information, it may be difficult to have such a feeling.

Enjoy tea that enriches your heart at Chasanraku

That's why we would like to offer an opportunity for our guests to drink tea and have a tranquil moment.
With that in mind, we prepare tea with all our hearts for each and every guest.

Arashiyama, where our shop is located, has a beautiful scenery of the nature of the four seasons and historical buildings.
In this land that has been loved by people for generations, we hope you enjoy tea and feel simple pleasures of life.

We hope that we can offer such a tea time that enriches your heart.