Matcha Espoo Malate

Matcha and milk are made into a fluffy espuma to create a cold latte.
Enjoy the taste of specialty store quality matcha in a more casual setting.



Matcha madeleine sandwich

Matcha flavored madeleine sandwiched with plenty of moderately sweet butter cream.
Not only can you eat while walking, but you can also buy them as souvenirs.


How to enjoy takeout

go to the shop

About 5 minutes on foot from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station, on the way to Tenryu-ji Temple.

Please come to the landmark of the paper lantern of "Teikuaito".

buy your favorite

Chasanraku Tea Stand is a take out counter that is attached to Chasanraku.

Please purchase your favorite products such as matcha latte and sweets.

take a picture

In the lantern of the shop,
It contains the characters of Kyoto Arashiyama.

It is popular to take a picture with a drink to commemorate your visit to Arashiyama.

have delicious

Enjoy Chasanraku drinks and sweets at the shop benches, the Japanese garden where you can eat in, and other favorite spots in Arashiyama.

Enjoy Chasanraku's drinks and sweets on the benches in the shop or at your favorite spots in Arashiyama.


Japanese garden

While looking at the garden leisurelydrinks and sweetsEnjoy

Drinks and sweets purchased at the Chasanraku Tea Stand can be enjoyed in the Arashiyama Sanrakuso Japanese Garden across from the shop.

The garden, created by a gardener who works on famous temples, is a microcosm of Kyoto's seasonal scenery, and you can enjoy different expressions in each season.

If you want to rest your feet while drinking a drink, please use the garden.


Arashiyama sightseeing

Stroll around Arashiyama with a drink in hand.
popular tourist destinationsPhoto spots are also within walking distance.

Chasanraku Tea Stand is located on the way from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station to Tenryu-ji Temple.

A good location within a 10-minute walk to popular sightseeing spots and photo spots such as the bamboo grove and Togetsukyo Bridge.

Please feel free to stop by during your stroll through Arashiyama.

・7 minute walk to bamboo grove
・5 minute walk to Togetsukyo Bridge
・2 minutes walk to Kimono Forest (Randen Arashiyama Station)